B2B Lead Generation Platform

Choosing the B2B Lead Generation Platform

Not one business owner will tell you that a lead generation campaign is an easy feat. Those involved in this process, such as your sales and marketing team, will find this equally challenging. Lead generation remains a critical component of overcoming the trials of a B2B company. Based on the latest statistics, around 65% of businesses claimed that generating high-quality and convertible leads remains one of the trickiest processes. This is due to the common issues you will encounter, such as competition with other businesses, time-consuming processes, intricate frameworks, and the ever-changing behavior of consumers. However, things will be much easier with a B2B lead generation platform.

What are the Best B2B Lead Generation Platform Services to Use?

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Lead generation tools and apps provide a sweet solution for businesses implementing a powerful lead generation strategy. It helps them gather the right leads with less effort and time.

According to the reports, marketers using automation for lead gen tactics have increased the volume of their leads by 80% and conversion rate by around 77%.

However, before we enumerate the best B2B lead generation platform tool, let us walk you through the common practices used by successful companies.

Email Marketing

B2B Lead Generation Platform

Unlike what most people claim, email marketing is still a very active B2B lead generation platform service. However, the efficacy of this strategy will depend on how you plan to implement it.

For instance, you may have to encourage them first to open your email. With hundreds of emails that people receive every day, you want to ensure that you will capture their interest.

Therefore, creating a compelling subject line that piques their interest would be best. If you can’t capture their attention with a powerful subject line, you can’t expect them to open the mail.

Now that you encouraged them to open the message, you want to ensure that they will read it. Start by greeting them politely and immediately mention the purpose of your email.

If you are offering them a solution, mention the kind of problem that you can solve. Email marketing is an effective approach because these people once interacted with you.

People who have engaged with you in the past are more likely to choose you than those who did not.

Content Marketing

B2B Lead Generation Platform

Another popular lead generation method would be content marketing. Producing quality content will be the driving force behind your lead gen strategy since it contributes to your SEO efforts.

Better SEO will improve your SERP ranking on critical keywords; therefore, more of your prospects will find you. Next, content helps with your brand awareness campaign. A higher level of familiarity encourages trust and loyalty.

Content marketing is not only limited to long blog articles; you can experiment with different types of content such as infographics, video, audio, podcast, quiz, and interactive content.

With the right content, you can guarantee that you will be relatable and relevant to all your customers regardless of their position in the buyer’s cycle. It also serves as a reference or educational material that will boost your online credibility.

Based on the reports, about 80% of your target B2B leads will go through the phase of self-education first. This is a stage wherein people will be gathering information to understand if this purchase or investment that they will make will pay off.

They need proof to validate their decision. By having good content and the best B2B lead generation platform, you can offer them their needs. It is for this reason that most businesses require tons of high-quality content.

Social Media Marketing

B2B Lead Generation Platform

Social media platforms offer great opportunities to gather valuable leads. However, you should only choose the channels where your prospects can be found.

It is impossible to be active on all social media platforms today. You will spread yourself too thin if you create an account on all social media sites. This will be detrimental to your business. Some of the best B2B lead generation platforms would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Nonetheless, the right platform will still depend upon your business nature. For instance, if your business is visual-based, such as a flower shop, photography business, etc., Instagram and Pinterest might be a good choice.

While social media channels are mostly used for B2C lead generation strategy, they could also be an excellent source for B2B lead generation.

List of Best B2B Lead Generation Platforms

B2B Lead Generation Platform

You can enjoy different benefits once you integrate the best B2B lead generation platform tool into your lead generation campaign. With the right tool, you can spend a little less time closing the sales rather than spending most of your time gathering crucial information about your prospects.

It will not only speed up the collection process but also maintain the accuracy of the information. You can also better view your marketing strategies and analyze why you fell short of your target.

Here are the best tools to use for your B2B lead generation.



Your lead generation strategy will be challenging without the use of lead magnets. Some of the best types of magnets include giveaways and sweepstakes, and Upviral will help you create them.

This B2B lead generation platform comes with a range of templates to ensure that your lead magnets will still reflect the branding of your business. You can develop a leaderboard that will encourage your prospects to participate.

You can test an array of rewards and see what works or not. Upviral offers a trial period of 14 days for only $1. After that, you can choose a monthly plan; the Starter costs $49 each month, the Business plan is worth $79, and the Premium plan is $199 every month.



Your lead generation strategy must also come with a well-designed landing page. It also offers a tool that helps you develop websites without coding knowledge.

Leadpages has a feature allowing you to integrate your CRM and email account into your landing page. It also offers data tracking and key analytics feature that will help you gauge the success of your landing page.

For those who find it difficult to develop a landing page, it comes with several premade templates that you can customize based on your needs. One possible reason it remains the top choice among business owners and marketers is that they also pay attention to the loading time.

This B2B lead generation platform tool has a free trial that will let you test its standard features.



If you need to collect the email addresses of users, Hunter.io can help you. This tool is designed to obtain the email address from a website. You have to input the domain address, and they will automatically collect the information for you.

It is super lightweight and can be added as a Chrome extension. However, it will not always produce the result. If they cannot produce enough information, your search will return a zero result.

It offers a free plan, but if you want more features, you can access its paid plan, which costs around $99-$399 per month.



Unlike the tools mentioned above, this one is a freelancer platform. This is a perfect place for companies to look for B2B lead generation platform services.

However, you need to be smart in choosing your freelancer. Some of them will sell a lead list that they have already sold to another company. You should be clear on the kind of leads you are looking for; make sure they are exclusive and high-quality.

It won’t take a lot to start on this platform. Start by signing up and adding all the information you think is relevant to your profile. Use Fiverr’s search tool to find the kind of freelancer you need.

You can find marketers, content specialists, SEO experts, PPC managers, social media managers, etc., on this platform. If you’ve ever encountered a scammer, be sure to inform the customer support of Fiverr immediately. With Fiverr, you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription. However, there are fees such as 2% for payments of $40 and below and 5% for more than $40.



Like Leadpages, Seedprod is designed to help you develop a compelling landing page. It is a WordPress plugin designed specifically to develop a B2B landing page that aims to capture and convert leads.

It comes with a basic drag-and-drop interface making it easy to develop a page even for a beginner. Suppose you find that a hassle; you can also choose from their premade templates.

They also offer spam protection and subscriber management option, simplifying the marketers’ life. It offers several integration options like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and Constant Contact. You can customize the CSS and change the font if you have coding knowledge.



Lead segmentation is a crucial part of a lead generation campaign. If you want a seamless process of scoring and segmentation, LeadFeeder is the best solution.

With this best B2B lead generation platform, you can tell how the visitor has reached your website and what they are doing.

You can use their web activity and behavior to score and segment them. It also offers you a convenient method to export LinkedIn profiles, contact information, and other necessary information for your lead generation campaign.

Leadfeeder also comes with a feature that allows you to integrate it with your CRM tool, making it an even more powerful lead generation platform. It comes with a free version, but for those who want to enjoy the premium features, you must pay around $63 each month.

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM

When launching a B2B lead gen campaign, you want to ensure that it will be efficient. You must guarantee that all parts function as expected to drive your desired result.

This is what Octopus CRM is good at. It offers a comprehensive LinkedIn automated B2B lead generation platform tool, which makes the process ten folds simpler.

It allows you to send messages and connection requests in bulk. The detailed data and analytics monitoring feature will help you make the right call.

You can easily integrate this tool with Google Docs, Zapier, and Hubspot. Octopus CRM comes with a free trial, but for those who want to experience its premium features, the price starts at $9.99.



This B2B lead generation platform offers the same feature as Octopus CRM. They automate the lead generation system through LinkedIn.

What makes them different is that you can get a unique country-based IP and personalize the limits, ensuring you receive high-value and targeted leads.

This platform allows users to create delays between their campaigns and personalize their method. Using this, you can create a follow-up and easily manage your multiple accounts.

They offer a free trial if you want to glimpse the various features of this tool. Those who want the premium features will have to pay a monthly fee of around $99.



When generating leads, you want to ensure that the form you will use will be attractive, interesting, and engaging. Typeform will help you with that.

You will be given access to countless premade templates that you can use for your poll, survey, or quiz. Another good thing about this tool is that it can be integrated with various platforms such as MailChimp, Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, etc.

This B2B lead generation platform also allows you to easily share your form on your website, social media account, or emails through a link. It has a tracking system that lets you understand which of these forms will offer you the best result.


Hubspot B2B Lead Generation Platform

Most marketers immediately consider this tool when discussing the B2B lead generation platform services. It is a tool that will not only help you capture the leads but also comes with features that help you nurture and convert these leads into profits.

It also features a feature that helps you run an inbound marketing campaign. You can create a seamless customer support system, manage your social media pages, and automate the workflows. Hubspot comes with a CRM tool that helps you manage, organize, and approach leads efficiently.

When you are looking for the best B2B lead generation platform that you can use to level up your game, consider the services mentioned above. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question. This will depend upon different factors. For instance, you need to think of your workflow, the size of your team, your budget, and your objectives in using a lead generation tool. You should also check the features that you will need. If you find this challenging, reach out to Webtudy, and we may have the answer you are looking for.

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