lead generation email template

Lead Generation Email Template

We all know the power of lead generation email template to boost the efficiency of your cold email campaigns. However, there’s an important caveat to keep in mind.  

B2B email templates serve as a valuable starting point to streamline the cold email process. Yet, it’s crucial to strike a balance between two extremes: sending fully templated cold email outreach campaigns (which is not advisable) and crafting 100% personalized emails (highly effective but time-consuming and inefficient).  

Sample Lead Generation Email Template  

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For optimal outcomes, it’s essential to avoid copying lead generation email template from websites and sending them as-is. Instead, you should customize the email content to align with the sender’s tone and style. This contributes to the personalization process and safeguards against the embarrassing blunder of using the same sales email template as a competitor, even if your only competition is for inbox space.  

Think of a lead generation email template as a framework that requires further development. By taking the time to do so, you’ll create a potent tool that enables you to harness the full potential of this already highly effective communication channel. Here are some of our samples 

Connecting Your B2B Sales Emails to Recent Events  

lead generation email template

Subject: Congratulations!  

Hi there, (customer’s name),  

I just caught wind of the exciting news regarding (trigger event), and I wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you!  

In situations like these, we often find that (insert value proposition) takes on even greater significance. That’s why I thought you might appreciate learning about how we made a significant impact at (similar company), helping them achieve (benefit).  

I understand that things must be pretty hectic at (company name) right now, but if you’re open to it, I’d love to arrange a brief call to discuss this further. How does (specific day and time) align with your schedule? Alternatively, you can access my calendar through this link or share yours at your convenience.  

This efficient approach demonstrates that we’re not sending generic mass emails to every potential company. Instead, we’re tuned in to the unique achievements of our ideal customers and have tailored our offering accordingly.  

AIDA- Lead Generation Email Template

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AIDA, a tried-and-true copywriting formula, fits seamlessly into your cold email strategy. It’s an acronym representing Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This lead generation email template serves as a guide for your email’s core content: 

  • Capturing their attention. 
  • Explaining why it matters to them. 
  • Stoking desire. 
  • Revealing the path to action, and ultimately. 
  • Reaping the benefits you’ve promised.  

Subject: Unlock Time-Saving Software  

Hello (name),  

Ever considered what you could do with an extra 10 hours in your week?  

I bring this up because clients like yourself have saved substantial time by integrating our software into their tech arsenal.  

Notable figures such as (add names of entrepreneurs) have also found value in our offerings and become satisfied customers.  

I’d love to arrange a time for a personalized demo. Do you have some availability next week to connect?  

3-Sentence Approach  


As the name suggests, this lead generation email template adopts a concise approach, mindful of the prospects’ limited time, and delivers an impressive response rate. While it doesn’t necessarily limit you to only three sentences, it encourages conciseness, which suits mobile devices and aligns with the trend toward shorter emails.  

Subject: A Quick Favor?  

Hi (name),  

I’m (your name), and I’ll be brief. I’ve developed a software tool designed to save busy executives like yourself up to 10 hours each week.  

Would it be possible to have just ten minutes of your time next week for a personalized demo to help you understand why entrepreneurs such as (add names of entrepreneurs) are avid fans of our product?  

Requesting an Introduction 

lead generation email template

Subject: Quick Favor to Ask  

Hi (name),  

I noticed you’re connected with (person you’re trying to communicate with) over at (that person’s company). While I’m unsure about the depth of your connection, I’d like to know if you’d be open to introducing me to him. I aim to explore potential collaboration opportunities between them and (your company).  

If you feel comfortable with this, please let me know, and I’ll draft a formal request for the introduction, which you can forward at your convenience.  

This approach may not be commonplace, but in this case, it presents a unique twist that can yield positive results. We all recognize that securing a positive response from a prospect becomes significantly easier when there’s a mutual connection involved. This lead generation email template deviates from the norm by asking someone you may not know well to initiate the introduction. While it won’t work with everyone, it’s not an overbearing request. Approach it thoughtfully, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes.  

Introduction Lead Generation Email Template 2

And here’s another cold email lead generation email template from the same source that effectively leverages this approach:  


Subject: A Quick Introduction?  

Hey (Name),  

I was wondering if you could assist me in connecting with (the person you want to reach) at (their company)?  

Our email lists target similar demographics with minimal overlap. Given that our products don’t compete, I thought it might be helpful to discuss ways to tap into our existing user bases to expand both of our subscriber lists.  

We’ve successfully done this with (competitor) in the past, resulting in a 15% increase in new subscribers for both parties.  

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  

Before-After-Bridge (BAB): A Blueprint for Transformation  

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You can thank the folks over at Buffer for this lead generation email template. It’s a straightforward yet highly effective approach. The goal here is to help your cold prospects imagine how their lives can change for the better with your product or service. It’s all about painting a clear picture of life before your solution, the transformation it brings, and the specific way to make it happen.  

Subject: Reclaim Your Valuable Time  

Hi (name),  

As an executive, you’re all too familiar with the frustration of having your precious time wasted.  

Imagine a world where that’s no longer the case, where you can gain back up to 10 hours every week, just like the changes we’ve brought to the lives of individuals such as (name of people they can verify).  

If you’d be open to granting me just ten minutes of your time, I’ll demonstrate how our innovative platform can empower you to achieve the same remarkable change. Please share your availability for a personalized demo next week.  

Acknowledging Your Current Solution and a Better Alternative  

lead generation email template

Subject: A Quick Chat About (prospect’s company)?  

Hi (Name),  

I stumbled upon your website and noticed you’re currently using (Your competitor’s product). How’s your experience been with it so far?  

I’m the founder of (your company), and our (service) is similar to (your competitor’s product), but with a key difference: (unique selling proposition). I’d love to connect with you briefly and gather your insights on how we could potentially enhance (prospect’s company). Perhaps we can explore the idea of working together to make it even better.  

Could we find a suitable time to chat on (date and time)? If that doesn’t work for you, I’m flexible, so please let me know your availability.  

This lead generation email template is tailored to engage prospects already using a similar product, making it likely that they’ll be open to considering your superior alternative. It’s all about highlighting your product’s unique selling points and demonstrating why it’s better for their needs.  

Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS): Addressing Pain Points with Solutions  

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Dealing with obstacles and challenges can be a real headache – they’re not just frustrating but often come with hefty costs. This lead generation email template tackles these issues head-on by focusing on the pain points your prospects are experiencing. It starts by clearly highlighting the problem they face, agitates and magnifies that pain, and then provides a solution to alleviate or minimize their difficulties.  

Subject: Reclaim Your Productivity  

Hi (name),  

When was the last time you checked off every item on your daily to-do list?  

If you’re anything like most busy executives, the struggle to stay on top of it all can be an ongoing source of frustration, leaving you feeling less effective than you’d like to be.  

Our software is designed to be the remedy for this common challenge, just as it has been for motivated entrepreneurs such as (Names of Entrepreneurs). With the potential to reclaim up to ten hours each week, our tool allows you to redirect your focus to your top priorities.  

I’d be delighted to provide you with a personalized demo. Could we find a convenient time next week to chat?  

Emailing the Right Person with Politeness and Purpose  

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Subject: Exploring a Potential Fit for (solution name) at (company name)  

Hi (name),  

I’m (your name), leading the business development efforts at (your company). We’ve recently introduced a new solution that streamlines (one sentence pitch – describe your solution).  

After reviewing your online profile on (mention profile link), it appears that you may be the right person—or could perhaps point me in the direction of the ideal contact—to discuss (problem solved by your product).  

I’m keen on connecting with someone at (company name) who holds the reins for (key decision required to buy or use your product).  

If you’re the right person, would you be open to a brief 10-minute call on {{time and date}} to delve into how {{solution name}} can potentially benefit your business? If not, could you kindly steer me toward the appropriate individual?  

I appreciate your assistance in advance.   

I’m willing to bet that, like myself, you receive a deluge of emails seeking guidance on finding the right contact within your organization. Chances are, you hardly ever respond to them.  

The reason? Most of these emails fail to provide compelling reasons to assist the sender. Luckily, the lead generation email template above takes a different approach. It demonstrates that we’ve done some groundwork. This will then helps the recipient understand who you are, what your business entails, and how our product aligns with your needs.  


lead generation email template

Lead Generation Email template is an invaluable tool. It serves as an inspiration, igniting your creativity to craft engaging and compelling email copy that prompts your prospects to take action. Templates also offer the advantage of accelerating your outreach efforts.  

However, it’s essential to recognize that they are not a one-size-fits-all solution nor a silver bullet for guaranteed success.  

Using templates carelessly, akin to “copypasta,” is a surefire way to find your emails relegated to the dreaded spam folder. In today’s landscape, expecting results by merely pasting a template into a blank email, swapping out the prospect’s name, and hitting “send” is an impossible dream. Modern buyers are discerning. They can readily distinguish between a premade lead generation email template and a genuinely personalized email. They are also unlikely to be impressed by the former.  

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