Creating a Compelling Service or Product Description

Creating a Compelling Service or Product Description

You are probably not aware that the service or product description on your website is essential in improving your website conversion. You need to ensure that your description will appear appealing to your targeted-market. It should emphasize that your offering is the best solution for the customer’s problem. Rather than highlighting the function of your service or product, you should focus more on the benefits that it offers.

Guide on Creating an Excellent Service or Product Description

Writing an excellent service or product description will not be simple; it takes creativity and knowledge. It would be best if you had a concise and brief description. It should also give the audience a hint on the solution it offers and how it can make the life of your customers easy. We will explore some of the effective ways on how you can create a compelling description that will convert your audience into paying customers.

What is a Service or Product Description?

Service or the product description is a part of your marketing strategy that will tell the audience why they should acquire your offering. Some of the facts that you can include would be benefits, feature, and additional details. When you are just developing your description, you need to look at this at the perspective of the buyer. What do your buyers need to know? How you can you uniquely define your product and service? If possible, you should tell your audience that you can offer the things that your competitor can’t.

Why are Descriptions Essential?

Description can encourage your audience to hire you or buy your products. According to the study, at least 20% purchase failure is due to the missing or unclear product or service information. Whether you are selling something or offering your professional service, you need to make sure that your audience will know what your product is, why they should buy it, and who is this product for.

Think of Your Target Market

Product description highlights features and technicalities that matter most to the gamers If you write a description that targets the general population, there is a good chance that your ideal customers will not find it relatable. A good description is explicitly written for the targeted audience. It must speak directly to them, which will make the message appear personal.

Think of it as a normal conversation with a potential buyer. The buyer will ask a question, and you will give them the answer that solves their concern. When referring to the customers, we advise you to use the pronoun ‘you’ that will make things more personal. Start by imagining the things that you will tell the first-time buyer. These are mostly the things that you want to add in your description.

The process will be more efficient if you already have the persona of your ideal customer. It would be best if you also understood the objections, challenges, and wants of the audience. Be cautious about the language that you will use when describing their problem. The voice that you use can guarantee that your description will resonate to your audience.

Inform Them About the Benefits of Your Product

It has always been a great practice to add the benefits of your product or service in the description. Your selling proposition should inform the buyer that you are offering a better service or product that will make their life convenient and easy. When you are starting to formulate the description, you will realize that you have some bias towards your product. However, your customers will not have a small hint of unfairness.

Most buyers will not focus on the features of the product that is usually composed of highly technical subjects that they do not entirely understand. They will instead look at the benefits and learn how it can help them. For instance, if you are selling a premium software, you will probably be tempted to add specs and feature of the product. While we agree that these things matter, you may want to skip that and focus more on the ‘human’ side of your product. Tell them how it is going to save their money, time, and energy or how it will boost their efficiency or productivity. They’d rather investigate the possible result rather than looking into the list of features.

The benefits should tell the customers that they do not need to deal with the inconveniences that they are currently experiencing. For instance, if they have been struggling on using outdated technology or program, your product should help them overcome this. You are not merely selling your company offering; you are also selling experience which highly matters among the consumers.

Avoid Using Filler Words

We know how most of the writers tend to add some filler words. These are simply adverbs or adjectives that will not do anything on the description of your service. Calling your dashboard easy-to-use are considered filler words. No company will describe their dashboard as complicated. Avoid the languages that will not do anything to your company. In case the term does not support your selling proposition, this should be removed. Using these words will not persuade your buyer.

Be accurate with your description. It will help you create a substantial description. Once the quality of the product has been highlighted, this will make you appear more credible. To do this, think about the feature of your product and state the benefits that it offers.

Support Your Superlatives

Using superlative will sound insincere, primarily if you can’t properly support it. Saying you are the fastest, the best, or the most technically advanced will not be enough to capture the interest of the customers. For instance, if you are selling a highly advanced device, then the readers should be informed about the reason behind this. Perhaps it came with features that they can’t find on your competitors such as the excellent contrast, high resolution, or the battery capacity.

Introducing numbers on your superlative will be a good practice. You claim that your device is the best due to its battery capacity. However, how long does it last when compared to the others? You can create a better description by saying that the battery can last for at least 40 hours, that is four times more compared to the standard products today. You will not appear credible if you cannot support your claims.

It Should Appeal to the Imagination

The product description has some limitations; your audience cannot physically examine the product or test the service you provide. Therefore, your description should appeal to the customer’s imagination. There are different ways on how you can do this. For instance, you can introduce video or imagery on your site. If you are limited in using text, you should encourage the consumers to imagine your product. You can provide them with a sneak peek on how your product can change their life for the better. Tell them how their lives will be more convenient if they hire your service. Sometimes, telling a compelling and relatable story here can help you convey the message to the consumers.

Using Stories Can Help Break Barriers

Telling stories can help your product description stand out from the other companies. It can also lower the guard of the consumers and encourage them to give your product a try. The key here is to tell them in a story that will incite them to forget that they are in the buying process. To know where to start, here are some things that you should ask.

How was the service or product tested?

Are there obstacles that must be overcome for the service or product to be released?

What inspired you to develop your product or offer your service?

Who is the maker of your service or product?

These can help you create a rough draft of your story that tells the goal and the history of your company. By telling them that your service or product can deliver the results they want, this significantly increases the probability that they will be converted.

Using Sensory Words

Sensory words are effective in boosting the conversion of your website. The businesses in the restaurant and food industry have been using this strategy for years since it stimulates brain activity. Since it is quite useful, it merely makes sense that you should use these words on your descriptions. Sensory terms refer to the adjective that pertains to our senses. It is the time when using adjective is acceptable since it adds value to your product. It will help the readers imagine how bright, luscious, mouth-watering, velvety, and smooth your product is.

Social Proof

Social Proof should also be added on your description since these are authentic customers that are sharing their review. Hopefully, the feedback that they provide is quite specific and highlight the benefits of your product. You will also look more credible if you can share the picture of the client or customer as well as their real name. This method can create a personalized buying experience.

Scannable Descriptions

Not everyone will be interested in reading the text on your description. With too many distractions that can compete with the attention of the buyers, the information that you will deliver to them should be scannable. To accomplish this, you can write a short description followed by the bullet points. Use headings and subheadings that are an excellent way to break down the information about your product. It allows the customer to locate the information they want immediately. Keeping white spaces is necessary to make the website appear neat and organized. Using larger font on crucial details can also make it easier for the customers to scan essential facts about your product.

Be Consistent with Your Tone

As a part of your branding campaign, your product description should also have the same voice and tone. You should never stray from the original voice when you are creating your description. The voice that you use ensures that you will invariably communicate with your customers. It may be quite odd if you are using a professional tone in your website while your description is filled with jargons and slang words.

It Should Be Optimized

Perhaps the most critical part of creating a product description is to make sure that it is SEO-friendly. While descriptions are made for human customers, this should still be appealing to Google robots. Start by determining the keywords that are important to your targeted customers. These people will be the group that will be searching for your products. Knowing the keyphrases that they will use is quite essential. You should at least have 2-3 search terms for each description. After this, make sure that you will continuously track the progress of your SEO efforts that will allow you to adjust your strategy and increase your organic traffic.

Understanding the Difference between the Good and the Bad Description

You need to know what makes a description terrible to create a convincing and persuasive product description. It does not necessarily have to do with the length of the words or the language that you use (though you still have to pay attention to those matters). Your goal is to make sure that everyone can understand the purpose of your product. You need to remind them about their problems, and how your products can solve it. You don’t have to be fancy.
  • A Good Description Should Have a Combination Features and Benefits- You don’t have to include all the benefits and features of the product. However, you must know which are essentials that will convince your targeted market that your products offer added value. For instance, if you are selling an ACU, you should not only mention that it uses HEPA filter; it should be ‘Trusted and Approved HEPA Filter that captures allergens, bacteria, mold, and viruses.
  • A Bad Product Description Sounds Robotic- When a person is reading your product description, it should appear like they are listening to you. It needs to sound like a human; cohesive and believable.
  • A Good Product Description May Have Bullet Points- People today have a short attention span; they will prefer to skim rather than to read the complete information. They immediately want to extract the essential details. By considering this, you might want to add bullet points in your description.
  • A Bad Product Description Will Not Have Influential Words- These words can improve the persuasiveness of your product description. Some terms that you can use include exceptional, revolutionary, sensational, elegant, magical, etc. Adding simple words like mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, breathtaking, uplifting, spectacular, and others, can increase the likelihood that the potential customer will be interested in your product.

Adding Images

A convincing product description will not be complete without images. You need to look for a high-quality image that will perfectly go with the product. Based on the latest survey, 63% of the customers think that the product image is more significant than the description. Therefore, one of the most crucial aspects of the description is your photo, more critical than the ratings and review. How should you choose the image for your product? Here’s what you need to remember?

  • It Needs to Convey Your Message- The images that you will choose should improve your audience’s understanding of the product. Some companies will use click-bait images on their web-ads. However, it has been proven that the image that will fit your product will deliver a better result.
  • It Must Fit Your Branding- It should enhance your company’s branding campaign. It needs to have a company name or even just a simple link to your site that may add a story to your product. For instance, if you are in the finance business, your image should evoke security and success.
  • It Should be Engaging- Boring images will not improve your sales; choose crisp, vibrant images. High-quality, colorful, and bright photos have been proven to increase sales to up to 80%.

Once you consider all this, there are also some things that you must avoid. For instance, you need to make sure that your competitors are not using the same pictures. Remember, if you are using stock photography, there is a high possibility that your business rivals have it. You should also avoid using similar images. Companies that work in the same industry are bound to have similarities; however, you should pay attention to the things that make your product different. What object does your customer think of when they saw your product?

How Should I Take Photos?

Consistency, lighting, and angle are all important factors when taking a great photo. If you have a budget, it would be best to hire a professional photographer to ensure quality. Check their portfolio first before hiring them. However, if you have a limited budget, use the best possible camera and capture the photo in a room with a good lighting condition. Take it in high resolution, and it should give the customer a zoom option. Take the picture in different views and angles that will provide the customer with a better feel of your product.

It is easy for people to get overwhelmed with the list of the information we provided above. If you are not confident in your skills in writing or revamping your product/service description, we are here to help. We offer writing services that are designed to boost your website conversion rate.

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