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Reason #1: RESULTS

Every business wants the same thing: RESULTS. That’s why we have an A+ BBB Rating … 113 (and counting) 5-Star Reviews … and lots of customers who refer their family and friends to us. We work incredibly hard to deliver a steady flow of exclusive, qualified and local leads to you. In fact, the average 99 Calls customer who follows our system gets 60+ high-quality leads in the first year.


Stop paying HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS every month to HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and other Shared Pay Per Lead sources. Stop paying THOUSANDS of dollars only to wait and wait for SEO results. Stop paying HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS every month to Google, Facebook, and other Pay Per Click sources. Yellow Pages are dead — Stop paying them HUNDREDS each month.


Our customers love answering the phone and speaking to a person who is ready to buy. Often, they’re not competing with ANYONE. Not competing on price… Not competing on deadlines… Not sacrificing their profit & time.

Reason #4: LOCAL LEADS

Getting a bunch of leads doesn’t help you if they’re coming from 100 miles away. Why spend your time sifting through leads OUTSIDE your area? Our customers know that when their phones ring, the prospect is close by! With 99 Calls, start getting leads from your neighbors! Our proven Local SEO formula delivers an increasing stream of prospects from your county, your city, and your neighborhood.


Want to know the best way to find a local lead generation service? Ignore the promises and sales pitches. Simply ask for their reviews, recommendations, and testimonials. If they provide only a handful of positive reviews… that’s a giant red flashing warning sign! At 99 Calls, we are proud to share our reviews. They’re simply awesome!

Reason #6: DONE FOR YOU

Sure, you can create your own website and optimize it for SEO… spending YEARS researching, managing it and constantly changing it until you have a trickle of leads. You only need to learn WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, DNS, PHP, SQL, Apache, Photoshop and brush up on your network security so you don’t get hacked!